How To Play

Step 1:

A moderator creates a contest with its own custom name.

Step 2:

Players join in by choosing that contest name.

Step 3:

Predict the result from the defined list. Watch the result happen live. If you predicted correctly, you've won the points!

Step 4:

Repeat Step 3 until the end of the contest. Each baseball contest lasts 3 innings (unless we are gifted with extra innings).

Step 5:

At the end of the contest, the player with the most points is congratulated as the winner.

FAQ & Tips

How many choices are there and how did the point values get decided?

There are 10 choices and the point values associated offer more points for the results that are most rare (ex. Hit by pitch)

How is the scoreboard updated?

Depending on the event, the scoreboard is updated automatically through a live feed OR the moderator is able to manually input each result. No worries, the moderator can play too!

What if an odd occurence happens? Triple Play? Fielder's Choice? Etc?

Really rare results are scored as the most similar play to keep the choices simple and user friendly. So, a fielder's choice is a ground out, a triple play is scored as a double play, and reaching on an error as a single. If an at bat comes to an end with no result for the batter, the result is skipped with no players earning points for that at bat. This will happen if a base runner is thrown out stealing or picked off for the third out of an inning.

What happens at the end of a contest if two users have a tie?

Whoever has the most points from an individual at bat will be the winner. For example, if two players both have 50 points, but player 1 scored a triple during the game worth 20 points and player 2 scored a home run worth 15 points during the game then player 1 wins. If both scored a triple, then proceed to the next highest scoring play to break the tie, and so on.